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EMch 211 : Statics; by Zig Herzog

Equilibrium of coplanar force systems; analysis of frames and trusses; nonplanar force systems; friction; centroids and moments of inertia.

Pre-requisite or concurrent : MATH 141

Course Objectives : The students will be able to

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Spring 2013
ExamDateTime LocationTopics
II Tuesday, Mar 2510:30 GS 305 Chapters 5 through 8
III Thursday, Apr 1810:30 GS 305 Chapters 9 and 10
Final Tuesday, Apr 308:00-9:50 GS 207Cumulative, Chapters 1-10
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  1. Introduction
  2. Equilibrium of a particle
  3. Forces and their components
  4. Vector Algebra
  5. Moment of forces
  6. Equilibrium of single rigid bodies
  7. Distributed Loads, Center of Mass, and Centroids
  8. Dry Friction
  9. Analysis of Trusses
  10. Frames, tools, and other devices

Web-based computer programs

Program TRUSS 2D Analyzes planar trusses of arbitrary geometry consistent with the definition of trusses. (see Analysis of Trusses )
Program TRUSS 3D Analyzes 3 dimensional trusses of arbitrary geometry consistent with the definition of trusses ( see Analysis of Trusses ).
Linear Equation Solver

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