Dr. Siegfried "Zig" Herzog

E-mail hgn@psu.edu
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Penn State University at Mont Alto
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering (retired)
1 Campus Drive
Mont Alto, PA 1723

Organizationally speaking, I was (until my retirement as of July 2013), a member of SETAPP, the School of Engineering Design, Technology, and Professional Programs, which is part of the College of Engineering at the Pennsylvania State University (PSU) .
Physically, I am located at the Mont Alto Campus of Penn State University. If you need directions, please click here.


Over the years I have taught quite a few courses in different areas, all of which have a web presence :

E Mch 211 : Statics
E Mch 212 : Dynamics
E Mch 213 : Strength of Materials
ME 300 : Engineering Thermodynamics
EDSGN 100 : Engineering Design & Graphics
FYS for Engineering Students (PSU 08, Toy FUN-damentals)
CMPSC 101 : Introduction to Algorithmic Processes
CMPSC 201 : Computer Programming for Engineers Using C++
IST 240 : Introduction to Programming Languages
IST 250 : New Media and the Web
Math 220 : Matrices (under construction)
Math 230 : Calculus III


Diplom Engineur1967Technical University in Munich, Germany
Ph.D.1989Cornell University, NY

Research Interests

Dependence of the pure quadrupole resonance frequency on temperature for KBRO2 (Postscript, 2003)
Prime Numbers and Prime Gaps
Participant in the Goldbach Conjecture Verification Project
Mathematical Simulation of Stirling Engines (includes web-base computer programs)

Undergraduate Research

In engineering, undergraduate research is conducted by freshmen and sophmore students and is tailored to the abilities of the individual student. At times a group of students conducts research or tackles design projects, mostly under the auspices of the local engineering club

Past Projects

Converting a lawnmower gasoline engine to run on propane (Spring 2003)
Designing and Building a magnetic torquer for Penn State's nano satellite project LIONSAT. (Spring 2004)
Designing and Building an experiment to ride on a NASA sounding rocket to a height of 120 km. (Fall 2008 through Summer 2009)
Design, build, and test an LTD Stirling Engine, possibly interface with a data acquisition system Engine 01 (2010/2011).

Current Projects

Design, build, and test an LTD Stirling Engine, possibly interface with a data acquisition system Engine 02 (2012/2013).
Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
Road Side Wind Turbine
Engineering club : Electric Vehicle
pcBoards etc.

Additional Projects

Students may feel free to bring their own proposals to me and I will try to accomodate to the best of my abilities.

My personal life

Sure I have one. For quite a few years we had three different nationalities in my family. My wife Jane (who is a full-fledged registered nurse) and youngest son Matthew were Americans, my two oldest sons Jan and Eric were citizen of India and I was a citizen of Germany. We have solidified the situation though and are now all Americans living in tiny Chambersburg, PA, respectively going to College. The youngest, Matthew, is now in his last semester studying the Fine Arts and is in the process of applying for graduate school. Jan just finished his undergraduate studies and is now in graduate school in Aerospace Engineering while Eric is working for a company designing web pages for commercial companies.

There is not much time for hobbies. But I used to run/jog for more than 40 years now ( marathon in 1993, 1996, 2000 ) but my knees are slowly giving out so I switched over to bicycling and hiking the Appalachian Trail. I also have a nice vegetable/fruit garden and enjoy fixing/building everything around our house and cars and trying to live green as much as possible.

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